[PAID][QB/ESX] WQ-Warzone

Hello everyone, I present to you the script made by my partner. Wert-Warzone (or İllegal House)


  • Area appears on the map sometime after the server starts.

  • You can set the message that will be visible to all players when the area is determined

  • A special effect will be waiting for you when you enter the area.

  • If you enter the area with your vehicle, after a while you will start to feel bad (You don’t get hurt when you get out of the car).

  • Script is synchronized server-side for all players

  • When you reach the marker, you can start the time by pressing e (
    If it wasn’t initiated by someone else).

  • The item will be ready at the end of the time you set.

  • You can get the item when it’s ready unless someone else has it.

  • The item is definitely not available until the new area arrives after the item is purchased.

  • After the item is received, at the end of the time you set, a new area will be chosen randomly from the locations.

  • ESX / QB Support

  • Easy Configurable (The config table is available in the video).

  • Low resmon value (It is normal for it to increase when next to marker and text.).

  • Server Sync

  • This fully optimized, open to development and affordable product is waiting for you.

You can watch the video and get more detailed information


  • PolyZone


Purchase Price : 12.99 € + Tax(Some regions)


  • It appears in the video.

My system configure for resmon

  • i7-4720 HQ
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GTX 960M

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Is this like gang turfs ? Where all gangs notified and the war start and the winner will get special item right ?

Exactly so.
You can edit it however you want.

OP request