[PAID][QB/ESX] [plot system] (OpenSource) Advanced Farming | lab-farm


Hello im Taha " ZhoNNz " ESGN, I wrote this script for you to edit your usage as you want. This script, which is very easy and as detailed as possible, provides many possibilities in your field.


  • QBCore
  • ESX


• 0.01- 0.02ms
• Very Detailed Config
• It is a script where you can set everything from the planting of the plot you created to the planting.
• Compatible with QBCore / ESX
• You can trade the land you bought as you wish.
And in many features :wink:



Tebex ESX

Config v0.0.1 (There are a few more options you can edit in the config.)



This is dope, been looking at another script.
So can you grow anything? can you switch props? Do you have to own land to farm

To start planting, you must first own a plot, and you can change and add new crops and new props as you wish. Totally dependent on you. In this script, which has a detailed config, you can shape it according to your wishes :slightly_smiling_face:.

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that 3d menu feature is pretty cool :+1:

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good work!

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best advanced farming, great job !

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Goood jobb

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Dayum looks nice

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Thx, many innovations are on the way :slight_smile:

How many land is available for purchase?

You can easily create the terrain yourself, via the config.but for now there are 2 plots

If you take the land this way, you can turn the first mowing on and off, You can set everything you want, from the positions of the plants that need to be mowed first.

very successful :heart_eyes:

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Reply to my message once you have esx, interested :slight_smile:

Our script is now available in esx Version and is now open source in both versions. You can check it from the link I added above.

Has anybody got this script working on ESX by chance?

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There is an updated file on Discord and tebex (personally helped :slight_smile: )