[PAID] [QB & ESX] Loaf - Advanced housing

reinstall the script, looks like you edited the esx.lua file

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What are the other bugs? Only 32 ids showing is a limit in the gta engine, not really a bug but definitely something that needs fixing. If you have any suggestions for alternatives, please let me inow :smiley:

Could we maybe get a list of the furniture items when we are trying to delete instead of have to know the furniture id number

How did you fix this?

How do i Cheeza inventory with Loaf-housing.

Do you get any errors?

Config, set inventory to chezza

Does the lightning props work in the shells? How can I make it dark in the shells to utilize lighting props? I’m using qbcore.

If you want to make it dark you can edit the code in cd easytime to change the time when in a house

Great demonstration!

I’ve recently bought and added this to my server, but im having the same issue. can you please tell me how u fixed this issue???

we have it but are running into the issue of not being able to use the storge in the houses from the furniture store. anyone know how to fix this?

Add polyzone support and exterior decorations too for each houses

I have plans to add this, but I have to prioritize school and other scripts first.