[PAID] [QB/ESX] Apple Farm Job

Apple Farm Job
Elevate your roleplay server with an immersive apple farming and juice making script, meticulously crafted for both QBCore and ESX frameworks. Engage your community with a blend of agriculture and entertainment.


• Supports both QBCore & ESX.
• Apple Farming with Picking/Juice/Packaging & Selling with animation.
• Apple Juice making, complete animations with engaging player experience.
• Apple pickup cooldowns from same tree to maintain economic balance and gameplay fairness.
• Visual Particles & Sound effect makes the job more realistic.
• Tutorial option, guiding players through picking, packaging, and juice making.
• Anti-Spam Protection: Built-in cooldowns & checks prevent abuse from one location to another.
• Supports: (ox | qb | esx) Inventory & target or drawtext interaction.
• Everything is Configurable from Config.
• Optimized for large player base.
• Map is included. (Free)

Preview Video: Video Preview
Buy here: Tebex

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Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1200
Requirements ox_lib
Support Yes
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Requirements: ox_lib or need I a target?

Requirement is ox_lib only, and for the target system you can use qb-target or ox_target or drawtext which you can choose from the config.

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It’s nice that I don’t have to use a target system

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