[PAID][QB-CORE]ExiledCore Discord Identifiers

Ok so this is my first release here, would of still been trying to figure things out if it wasn’t for the helpful bunch in the discord server.

ExiledCore, At the moment, is nothing more than a script aimed at giving community staff the ability to see all players identifiers and details whilst not being ingame, and without having to access the database.

The aim for ExiledCore in the long run is to add more function and to use it as the name implies, a core script that others require to work.

I plan to add more to ExiledCore without the need to purchase additional scripts.

Future features include;

Notification System

Discord Server Status

Loading Screen

HUD Tweaks plus others that members of the community might suggest.

Back to the script itself, should anyone feel they need to see more information regarding players joining, leaving etc please feel free to join my discord and leave a suggestion.

Thank You




Tebex: https://theexiled.tebex.io/package/5235329

I know this isn’t really worth anything, but i’d like to keep what i’ve achieved (albeit not much) to myself for now as i do plan on extending upon this Core script a fair bit, price is set to £0.99 so I can use Asset Escrow.

| Code is accessible | Config Only |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 250 |
| Requirements | QB-Core |
| Support | Yes |