[PAID] [QB-Core, ESX] Zerio_Garage v2.0

QB-Core support will be added today, so stay tuned!

Really nice release man :wink: looks nice and clean, definitely gonna buy it! :yum:

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awesome, I will buy it now i there is a vehicle separation.

Just wanted to buy it. Did the price increase? I remember a different price.

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I lowered the price since no one is buying it. :frowning:
So it definentively didnt increase haha

Iā€™m guessing you are the one that bought it, so if you need any help or have any questions or anything that you maybe want to add to the script then just tell me and I will help you <3

good job

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Thank you! I hope you liked it.

hello, I want to buy the script but I would still need some changes. How can I contact you in private?

The QB-Core version is now out and is available at the same website,