[Paid] [QB] Burgershot Job

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  • Wash your hands before you work at the sinks
  • Prepare fresh salad at the salad bar
  • Cook burgers & wraps at the oven
  • Cook nuggets, onion rings and fries at the fryers
  • Pour hot drinks at the hot water urn
  • Pour soft drinks at the drinks despensers in the restaurant & the drive thru
  • Food storage in the restaurant & drive thru
  • Food collection points in the restraunt & drive thru
  • Management menu system to hire / fire employees & much more
  • Payment tills in the restaurant & drive thru to charge customers for orders
  • Game System Claw Machines To Try & Win Prizes
  • Clothing lockers to change outfits
  • Custom sounds when performing certain actions REQUIRES_INTERACT_SOUND
  • Extensive config file
  • Configurable animations
  • Change core settings to suit your server such as progress bar timers, notify lengths, event names and much more
  • Support for ANY MLO or building movable target locations
  • Language settings for custom translations

Supported Scripts


  • qb-core Notify
  • okokNotify
  • mythic_notify
  • boii_ui notify
  • ox_lib notify


  • qb-menu
  • jixel-menu
  • ox_lib context menu


  • qb-target
  • ox_target


  • qb-inventory
  • ox_inventory


  • qb-inventory shops
  • ox_inventory shops
  • jim-shops

Lots of Custom Items

  • Over 50 food/drink items & toys


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Script Bundles

Code is accessible Yes - ALL - OS
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000+
Requirements qb-core, qb-target, qb-menu, qb-input, qb-inventory, qb-clothing progressbar, ox_lib
Support Yes

Script Update

Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for ox_invnetory
  • Improved code for various funcions, events and notifications
  • Improved claw machines and object deleting when restarting script
  • Added checks to prevent using claw machine without funds
  • Added support for jim-consumables with a new file in server/consumables.lua
  • Changed unnecessary file structure and removed files that aren’t needed
  • Restructured menus file to prevent repeat code

Script Update

Version 1.2.0

  • improved config layout and removed unnecessary lines
  • changed claw machines to use localentity instead of target model
  • various QOL improvements to aid in immersion
  • improved notification function to prevent repeat code
  • improved various animations
  • added support for qb-clothing and illenium-appearance for clothing lockers
  • improved some target locations for ox_target
  • added checks to impove security and prevent exploits or abuse
  • removed annoying server print in wrong location causing console spam