[PAID] [QB] Blue Motels

Blue motels is advanced motel script which allows your players to rent

a motel for two IRL week and be able to store items, drugs etc


  • - Police can raid ( “/raid”, only works with police role)
  • - 120+ Rooms spread across the map
  • - Configurable prices
  • - Configurable locations
  • - Working with oxmysql

Tebex - https://blue-code.tebex.io/

Preview - QBCore motel script - Blue motel - YouTube

Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 700 - 800
Requirements qb-interior
Support Yes
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can this be incorporated into a job instead of people just renting rooms.

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Hi!, thank you for the comment and yes it totally can, I have plans on doing so which will be configurable and also have plans to add qb-target into it which will also be configurable and possibly qb-radialmenu.

these plans will be coming quite soon but I’m not too great with NUI

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As soon as it gets imcorporated with a job - im not bothered about it being qb target ready. ill buy this in an instant

Do you mean like player run basically?

yes thats what i mean