[Paid] Nuclear Missile / Nuke Script / ICBM Script

I have an issue. there is no sound when launching the icbm

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same here

Good evening, I bought the open version and it is not open… how do I do it now??
I just bought it open to convert to my server… and I tested it and it doesn’t work… I need support please!

It doesnt even work it doesnt kill anyone only the person setting it off

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We also bought Open source version but received on tebex locked version.

Author please contact me by discord: yorik77

If you don`t contact me until Aug.1 I will open dispute with tebex.

He didn’t respond, I’ve sent several messages and none have been responded to.

Open source… not really

Mine was only able to work by placing a button somewhere and interact with the button, there is no sound but I did see the nuke launch, once the timer reaches 0, the game just crashes. What a waste of $28

So unable to put a target on config just don’t do anything on my ESX Legacy server, is there a way to have it opesource? This man have a discord for receive support? Is possible ask for a refound for encrypted version?

Hello, I have a personal request regarding your Nuke script. Is it possible to write via DM or Discord?

no, i think the creator is dead, if you buy it you loose your money.

When someone want it i was fixing it. Just add me on Discord: .cemt

Your script isn’t working

you have to rewrite the whole script to get it to work waste of money.

if anyone buys this hmu and I will give you the open source version that works

or just hmu

Bought the encrypted version and want to make it so everyone can launch the nukes, but despite having the config option as false it says I don’t have permission

I just bought it and I dont hear any sound of raid siren and no emp feature can someon tell if you are in the same situation?

You have to recode everything, the script is very incomplete and the OP is nowhere to be found, if you bought the encrypted version, youre screwed

do you still have the version that works?