[PAID] Nobody Advanced Dumpers System | Realistic Dumpers Utils



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Introducing the latest innovation from NobodyScripts: a revolutionary script that transforms the way you interact with trash bins and dumpsters.

With our script, not only can you utilize these ordinary objects for their intended purpose of discarding items, but you can also utilize them as covert hiding spots for objects and weapons. Everything that the user hides in a trash can, others will also be able to see.

Our script injects a new layer of depth and interactivity, allowing players to strategically stash valuable items or weapons within trash receptacles, adding an element of surprise and tactical advantage to gameplay.

Experience the next level of immersion and gameplay innovation with NobodyScripts groundbreaking script. Embrace the possibilities hidden within the shadows of everyday objects and redefine the way you navigate and strategize in your virtual world.



  • Optimized (0.00ms idle, and 0.01ms on use, less than 1 MiB ram usage regardless of frameworks)
  • Only support ESX.
  • Fully secure, no more having to worry about cheaters giving themself money!
  • Fully translatable (6 translations included in package).
  • You can configure which objects you want to appear when searching in the trash and their probability.


Code is accessible Yes (Config)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements ESX, ox_target, ox_inventory, ox_lib
Support Yes

so its a inventory system for dumpsters but with a progressbar how revolutionary

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so its a inventory system for dumpers but whit a progressbar, using ox_target, realtime stash creator, everyone can see whats in the dumper if someone leaves something in there and theres no script out there that let you do this or similar? Yes bro it is, how revolutionary right?

nice script!