[PAID][MLO][YMAP] Sisika Cell Block

Sisika Cell Block.

  • Modified building exterior
  • Custom interior [MLO]
  • Door ids for locks (readme.txt)

Purchase Sisika Cell Block.: Tebex store click here
Preview video click here


Code is accessible Yes without client.lua
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) TEXTURES/MODELS
Requirements None
Support Yes
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Fixed some door open ratio issues

hey how do i add the doors so they work? i see you put the names in the readme but ive never tried to add a door before!! :smiley:

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Purchased and implemented, but left with this.

Any suggestions?

Try restart game couple of times. Make sure you started resource before join to server. You can also try clear cache

After doing all of that, no change.

Is there some incompatibility with build 1491? I have used the latest artifacts, as well as the latest recommended. No change.

i have no idea then i also use 1491 and works fine. One person had same issue clear cache fixed this problem. You can try also clear server cache. And make sure resource its connected to same cfx acount as server

I cleared the cache and server cache both. Restarted the server, and the game before reconnecting. The problem still exists.

The server is being run using the license key that belonging to the account that owns the asset.

make sure none of your police scripts have sisika, such as SS Policejob ect, it has ties with it, TWH also does i believe, thats a texture conflict with existing maps by the looks

I appreciate the suggestions. Unfortunately, this is not the issue either.

My server currently has no scripts that affect sisika, and to be sure I even disabled the script that loads and unloads certain ipl’s to be sure that wasn’t interfering.

that was my suggestion next for any ipl loaders lol

No one has had problems with this before. If you want i can click refund

I suppose that would be good. I appreciate it. As I continue to develop, if I find something that obviously caused the problem, I will likely repurchase.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

Let me know if you got some email or something. Tebex told refund its processed

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Will do. No email or anything received at this point, but if you processed it, I will take your word for it and will post back when it’s complete. Thanks again!