[PAID][MLO][YMAP] Blackwater Government Office

Adds government office in Blackwater.

  • Custom building exterior
  • Custom interior [MLO]
  • Door ids for locks

Note requires disabling some ipls. Make sure you are able to clear the required area before purchasing. If you need help ask on discord

Purchase Blackwater Gunsmith : Tebex store click here
Preview video click here


Code is accessible Yes without client.lua
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) TEXTURES/MODELS
Requirements None
Support Yes

That’s not an MLO. If it’s a series of ymaps, it’s a map. Not an MLO. Also that price is fucking insane.


This is an example of MLO that Bysiu has published for free. Don’t make silly comments about things you have no knowledge of.

lol Bysiu makes good stuff, i own the blackwater doctor and its great, 30.00 is not even that bad. It takes a ton of time to make these buildings. Get over yourself

@Aysmark It’s a MLO :slight_smile: not YMAPS, Bysiu used OG Red dead redemption building asset (3d model), convert them, making new textures, create all the collisions etc… so it’s a 100% MLO !