[PAID] [MLO] Vagos Atomic Garage

Atomic Vagos Garage [MLO/Open Interior]

Drawing on the history of the Vagos gang - the interior was created, which at this stage is a pretty chill place to fix cars, hang out at the bar and have a little evening picnic. But what kind of gang is it if there is nothing criminal about it. Yes, no one would engage in criminal activities next to business. But in this interior there is a neatly arranged closed basement, where you can discuss important matters or gather the company to record a new track. Perhaps not everything in this interior is logical. But with your help and support, a new version will be created that will be many times better than this release.

At this point we have:
Completely redesigned exterior:
-Concrete has been cut to make it easier to move around the site;
-Debris removed from the front and back areas
-A picnic area has been set up
-Double Garage (half workshop, half resting place)
-Office room (for the workshop “owner”)
-Bar with plenty of seating and a cool design
"Closed" Basement
-Discussion Room with small armory
-Comfort Record Studio

VIDEO - Atomic Vagos Garage [MLO | Open Interior] - YouTube
IMAGES - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Price 15.99$
Only direct sale, because of diffrent versions of gamebuilds

Code is accessible YES/No
Subscription-based Yes/NO
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Gamebuild 2372+
Support YES/No

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Yep, done

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Thanks! Looks good as well mate

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Good Work !

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