[PAID] [MLO] San Andreas Government Facility 🦅

Yes, there is the version shown on the screens and a fully editable version.

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Greetings, Cube!

I purchased the Gov’t facility from forum.cfx.re , I love this map! Great work! I do have an issue I would like some help with. AI/NPC cars spawning on the grassy area of the map. I used code-walker to remove the spawning locations, But alas, I believe your map still has those locations, so it over-rides my resource and still spawn cars in the grassy area. Do you have a discord channel? or is this your preferred method of communication? Would you please remove those car spawning locations an push an update?

Thank You Kindly in advance Sir!

Hello, all vehicle spawn locations are removed on my map, you don’t have to do it yourself. If you have vehicles appearing, it’s probably because you have a file conflict between my resource and another on your server (i.e. 2 .ymap files with the same name). Try looking into this, and if the problem still persists, send me a DM so that we can look into it together.

I will for sure. 121 Ymaps to sift through… LOL