[Paid][MLO][MAP] NSW Transport MLO

[No Cap Developments:] NSW Transport MLO

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  • Reflective Floors

  • Breakable Glass Doors - Good for shooting

  • Perfect Layout for a department of transport

  • Multiple Custom Props with full collisions

  • Support Included

The perfect way to give your city a real NSW feel: Preview Below:

Code is accessible N/A - Map
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A - Map
Requirements Server Build 4960+ and Game Build 2189+
Support Yes

Great MLO. Nothing like it

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Thankyou <3 glad to see you like it :star_struck:

Honestly this is a very impressive MLO. The quality and difference between the original boring DMV is amazing.

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Much luv <3

First time I’ve seen an mlo like this. Wonder what other servers are gonna use it

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Hopefully all the NSW based ones :slight_smile:

Damn!! Came out amazing man. keep up the great work!!

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Ty ty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Created Sandy Variant (separate package)

Great work mate! We definitely need more Aussie themed MLOs - Really great to see!

Don’t suppose you plan on getting a Mission Row together do ya?

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Thank you! We are currently also working on a Australia Post Pack. We plan to do heaps of stuff so a MR could definitely be in the books for the future.

<3 thankyou! Love your work