[PAID][MAP][Vinewood] Vinewood Sign Map

Custom Vinewood Sign Map



Perfect Replacement

Perfect LoD distance

Vertex Glowing enabled

Working lights

Custom Letters

Perfect fit into scene

Get It Here : Custom Vinewood Sign by V&V

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15$ is so expensive for that, it takes 5 minutes to do it.


Neons, custom lights and colors and also a ymap of near by area if you can do it in 5 mins please let me know.

usually i sell it for $5 haha

So feel free to do it in five minutes and release it for free here.

But you wont.

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there are devs(modit btw) that are selling this for 25 euros
15$ is perfectly fine and affordable

I didn’t say it wasn’t… I’m telling the complainy pants jerk to put up or shutup and do it himself if it’s so easy.

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Its not just the sign thats being changed, we add few modifications to sign and nearby area for better looks and visibility.

Lol, 5 minutes? :smiley:

5 minutes lol :smiley:

Is it limited to the 8 letters or can it be 9? alternatively, 4 letters with spaces in between?

It can be as you want starting from 1-10 letters and logo.

Does the logo already have to be 3d? I have a PNG of our logo including a large version that is 1600x2000px but it’s just a flat image.

we only need to know what you want there rest no 3d logo or image is required.