[PAID] [MAP] South Joshua Trailer Park / Mirror Park Extension Map / MLO

I present to you South Joshua!
Been working on this for a while, nestled in a previously unused cul-de-sac in Mirror Park, the township/trailer park of South Joshua.

Walkthrough Video:

Featuring 5 MLO’s from the base game, 8 big trailers and 12 little ones!
A great map to bring some north San Andreas charm to the south!

This release is optimized with LOD models and textures, Occlusions, and good performance with entities with low render distance.

Any suggestions or support contact me, more than happy to help.

IMGUR Album Showcase:

Before and After:

Included MLO’S in area:
Clothing Store


Liquor Store


Tattoo Shop

Purchase on Tebex: https://dullpear.tebex.io/package/6201169

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Latest Gamebuild
Support Yes
Escrow Yes

So it’s just objects from Sandy Shores copy and pasted into Mirror Park Construction area? Seems pretty unfair ask for money when you are using Rockstars assets? Is there anything originally made by you that is being sold in this ymap?

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For once, Turducken has a point. :smirk:
$35 USD for cut and paste is rather sus.
Hard pass.


You’re paying for the time/effort/knowledge to do this, not the assets.

Release a free version if it’s easy for you to do.

I like it, although you leaned too much into the desert vibe for me, it looks great.

I wouldn’t mind a trailer park here that matches the rest of Mirror Park’s nature/look.

The price you have it listed for, 25.99 USD, is a fair price IMO. I’d buy it if you did another nature variant. :+1:


The thing about using gta maps is there lore friendly … low polys and your not going to get ripped for using branded logos .