[PAID][MAP] Customized Vinewood Sign

Custom Vinewood Sign



Perfect Replacement

Perfect LoD distance

Vertex Glowing enabled

Working lights

Custom Letters

Perfect fit into scene

Various types of animation for both logo and sign

Emissive texture

Get it :point_right: Here :point_left:

Interior and Props

High-End Interior
Medium-End Interior
Low-End Interior
Mansion Interior

Vehicle Packs

5-6 Seater Suv Pack

Animated Light Vehicles Pack

Limousine Pack

Animated Lights Vehicles

BMW M5 | Tunings | 4k Embedded Liveries

Bentley Continental | Tunings

Königsegg Gamera | Tunings

Audi A6 | 4k Embedded Liveries

Lamborghini Huracan | 4k Embedded Liveries

Nissan GTR | Tunings | 4k Embedded Liveries

Volkswagen Scirocco | Tunings | 4k Embedded Liveries


Mercedes G-Class Limousine_10 Seater | 4k Embedded Liveries

Honda Civic Type-R | Tunings | 4k Embedded Liveries

Lamborghini Urus_5 Seater | Tunings

MercedesBenzG-Class_6 Seater | Tunings

Jaguar F-Pace | Tunings

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35$ for a change of the vinewood sign?

:rofl: :rofl:

man go to sleep

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This people re crazy since escrow came out


Its 18$ for the Vinewood Sign replacement. Not 35$

yeah, I thought as their assets would be protected that prices would lower… but nope pure greed has gone through the roof now…

why dont you try animating something in gta and then comment somewhere, it will be easier for you to understand the efforts rather then just " :rofl: :rofl: ".

Hahaahah, u make me laugh :joy: