[PAID] LVS Clothing - NoPixel 4.0 Inspired [QBCore/ESX]

LVS Clothing - NoPixel 4.0 Inpired

Elevate your roleplaying experience on FiveM with our Character Customization Script. This versatile script empowers players with extensive options to personalize the visual appearance of their characters, from facial features to clothing and tattoos, allowing for unparalleled individuality and immersion.


  • Full Customization: Peds, Faces, Face Features, Skin, Hair, Clothes, Accesories, Tattoos.
  • Image-Based Menu: Visually appealing experience with image-based menus that provide clear and intuitive navigation.
  • Outfits: Cloakroom, Player wardrobe, gang wardrobe
  • Administrative commands: pedmenu, facemenu, clothingmenu, allmenu configurable.
  • Supports interactions: Targets, Radiales Menu, TextUI from different vendors.
  • Skin migration support: qb-clothing, esx_skin, illenim-appearance.
  • Blacklist: Limit Peds, Components, Props to certain Jobs / Gangs / CitizenIDs / ACEs.
  • Interface Color Customization: Change the color of the interface to match your server’s theme or your personal preference, providing a cohesive and personalized user experience.
  • Multilanguage Support: Allows server owners to configure the script in their preferred language, making it easier to use and manage according to their specific needs.
  • Frameworks: qb-core & esx.
  • Perfect integration with lvs_multichar
  • Support Custom Clothing pack!!


The script comes with an icon pack corresponding to game build 3095. If you have a custom clothing pack, you’ll need skills with photo editing tools like Photoshop. If you have a custom clothing pack and don’t want to update the images, you can use a default icon for all the clothing items.

If you’d like, we offer the service of creating an icon pack for your custom clothing pack at an additional cost. You’ll need to open a ticket and send us the clothing pack to complete the task.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 7.000
Requirements qbcore/esx/ox_lib
Support Yes

Other Resources

:fire: lvs-multichar
:red_car: lvs-drift


Dear Unk0Wnn, nothing “stolen” is poested here. It catches my attention that you judge others for stealing when you are the one selling obfuscated files from NoPixel. Please… saying things like “real version” and “scammming” is a bit funny coming from you.
Before talking about me, go study. :open_book:

:rofl: You claim your code is not stolen… how comes its exactly the same as people like majestic dev and 5M.

the fact all 3 of you don’t have a working outfit menu is hilarious. FYI I have already reviewed your code and can confirm its the same. So not sure why your sat on your high horse acting all great :rofl:


Well, my friend, it doesn’t matter what you believe; no one wrote those lines for me!

I’m not going to come here with something I didn’t do!
If I tell you I’m working on the outfit system, it’s because I am.
I published it now, without the outfit system, because I wanted to gauge if the script would have good reach and motivate myself to finish it quickly if people like it.

You didn’t even notice that the store headers are different from those of NoPixel. It’s something I did differently and I think it’s nicer. If I had stolen the code like those people did, I wouldn’t have been able to do that; you practically can’t modify anything in the obfuscated reactive code interface

Anyway… it’s a shame that the post is getting derailed like this…

Is that a Thumbnail or a Click Bait? what is that bro?

uhm, what do you mean? the thumbnail is just that… you have the video to watch.

Hey there, pal! Before you get all high and mighty, why not take a little detour and learn to write your own code? You might just learn something for a change instead of mooching off my work. Obfuscated files, you say? Yeah, they’re obfuscated by me, just like the entire server-side code. Shocking, right? Oh, and there’s an open-source option too—go figure. So, why not create something original, take a free course or two, and quit being a bum? LOL.

As for you, smart ass, I’m the pioneer who made this possible in the first place. So, keep your clever remarks to yourself, especially when you’re clueless and probably can’t even grasp the basics of programming. :blush:

So i have bought this same clothing from 2 different people and i am out of 200 dollars the weird thing is all of you have the same problems tebex should not be letting people scam people like this

I’m sorry to hear that. One of the things that motivated me to create the script was seeing how they were scamming people… but please don’t lump me in with them. I’d like to invite you to the Discord and meet those who supported me beforehand, and also be able to help you with whatever you need, bro.

Version 1.1.0 is out

Video updated


  • Outfit System
  • Multilingual support
  • Player wardrobe
  • Rcore tattoo support
  • Interface color customization
  • CSS improvements
  • Minor fixes & improvements