[PAID] License Plate System (UPDATED 15.06.2021)

License Plate System


  • Script was developed for RolePlay Servers, for more action and realistic features.
  • 3 Different type of Plates (Custom plates can be enable/disabled trought Config file)
  • Mainly developed for ESX Framework (can be easly converted)
  • Use mysql-async futures (changing Plate from Database so can be saved)
  • Working with any garage.


TEBEX LINK - esegovic_plate ( 8.33EUR)


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Nice. Does it check to make sure the plate doesn’t exist already?

Sure it checks, if plate exist in owned vehicles table than u are able to change it. If it not exist throws an error that u can change plate for that vehicle.

But that isn’t what I asked.

theres no reason to do this unless they’re inserting it into the DB. (Which they shouldn’t do as the purpose of a fake plate is not to link back to you)

Unless you’re talking about the custom plate then they should check if it exist already for that player and if so, toss an error. (Can use fetch scalar)

Keep in mind this is a paid script where the author doesn’t have any free releases so you can’t really assume they did this so its a solid question to ask :). One of the reasons people shouldn’t release paid scripts without already having a collection of free ones imo.

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Yeah, i dont want people being able to do duplicate plates because they would then access thier trunk inventory as well.

what inventory are you using in the video?

Its Inventory Hud from Trsak but HTML and CSS are edited from some Thailan Dev called (meeta).

Yeah. Function is added now it check if plate is taken.

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i got problem

SCRIPT ERROR: @esegovic_plates/server/main.lua:104: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘showNotification’)
[script:esegovic_plat] > TriggerServerCallback (@tprp_base/server/functions.lua:33)
[script:esegovic_plat] > handler (@tprp_base/server/common.lua:91)

You are using old es_extended and you dont have functions server side like that one.

Just change notifications server side and you should be good to go.