[PAID] Lena Modern esx_society

Modern esx_society system by Lena Matoi

-Totally renewed interface.

-0.00ms consumption.

-Includes logs in discord by webhook and in the database.

-Protected by CFX Escrow System.


  • Essentialmode.

  • esx_addonaccount

  • mysql-async

Price: 30.25€ (VAT incl)

Link: Tebex


| Code is accessible | No |
| Support | No |

Nice Zerio script/UI

Hm, looks alot like my script :sweat_smile:

esx_society need to be free…


Isn’t that Zerio’s bossmenu? LMAO, u rlly trying to sell someone’s script by just changing the UI color?

It most likely is, since the UI of my scripts arent locked (obviously).
I have already contacted the staff of the forum but they dont seem to want to do anything about it even after me sending them the UI source :sweat:

typical TheIndra work day.

Kinda looks like Zerio’s Script?