[PAID] Law Enforcement Bundle

LEO Bundle

Enhance your servers law enforcement experience.


LEO Menu

Radio v2

Weapon Sling v2

Bodycam UI

Purchase Here: LEO Bundle

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 300+
Requirements None
Support Yes

One of the best slings in the community hands down. If you are looking for an effective bundle this is the one you want to go for.

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its a pretty impressive sling script but its so goofy how you just casually take a sip of water when slinging your gun :skull:

The animation used is that yes as there is no sling animation for GTA, I haven’t tried AnimKit yet either. But it doesn’t look like you’re sipping water in-game as the animation is stopped before it gets to that part, you just lift your arm up.

Radio v2 Updated:

  • Radio colours now save, so you don’t need to reset it every time you re-log.
  • The radio will no longer close when you change the colour of your radio, it will now update live.
  • Updated item drop check for QBCore.

Updated Radio v2

  • Updated artifact version requirement to latest recommended.
  • Added pma-voice to the dependencies.
  • The default radio item will no longer be forced to black, it will be whatever you have the default colour set to in the config now.
  • If you have item colours disabled but still want to use the command with your item it will now work.
    • Added the ability to translate the script in the config.
  • Fixed some bugs with es_extended.

Updated Sling

  • Added the ability to translate the script in the config.