[PAID] Inventory + Clothing


  • Fixed throwing item while holding a weapon
  • you can now cancel the “throwing” of items with ESC or X
  • If you dont have the item thats in the fastslot, in your inventory, the color will be red
  • Fixed issue where the Police weapons attachments were not showing
  • New “Drop Item” Feature video

So I have been using their inventory and clothing script since the day it was released. It’s been about a month now or a bit longer and I can tell you it’s been nothing but positive. There’s pretty much zero bugs when it comes to stashes or inventory. One of my favorite things about the inventory is the fact that it is server-sided synced between players and stashes or glove boxes. I’m beyond impressed with their new UI and compatibility. Lately all of the other scripts I have been just altering the exports to work with the new inventory and it has been a breeze. I rarely if not never get any errors. The resmon performance it is pretty much non-existent. It is so smooth. I have played around on 4K resolutions down to 1080P with absolutely No headaches. I have used many other inventories before and so far this has been one of the easiest ones to set up. Everything you need is pretty much in the configs and when it comes to support, Lumi replies extremely fast. I will always support their scripts and they just keep on getting better everyday. Worth every penny.


thank you :heart:

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  • Inventory now automatically closes if you get out of the vehicle with the topido on, or if you get in the vehicle with the trunk open, or if the vehicle drives away from you
  • Now the inventory closes automatically when you die
  • You can now change the buttons to close inventory
  • You can now assign different keys to the trunk and glovebox keys
  • Large config moved to different files
  • Itemn max useable amount system added - Showcase Video
    • You can set a maximum usage value for any item. the item you set is automatically deleted after x amount of use


  • Clothing rooms have been added, with this setting you can add ready-made clothes for jobs. players can wear these clothes from the menu video
  • Outfit changers setting has been added, with this setting you can add locations where players can change their saved outfits
  • Added config.pedListEnable setting, when this setting is true players can change their ped
  • You can now use the skin command for other players