A tool where new joiners can direct whitelist in game.


  1. new player must answer whitelist question if he is not whitelisted at joining time.
  2. Player has a maximum tries of whitelist. You can configure the count of tries.
  3. Player will block if they fail the test for a configured amount of minutes or permanent
  4. customization of design possible over CSS styling
  5. the questions are given in a random order for each test
  6. as many questions can be configured as desired
  7. The number of questions per test is adjustable. For example, 30 questions can be configured and 10 random questions will be asked to the player.
  8. Existing players can be imported into the whitelist automatically at the first startup




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Can you add more questions to it?

You can add so many as you want :slight_smile:

Great Mod ! THX ! :slight_smile:

just wanna point out that the idea is really cool, but unless protected, this could very easily be bypassed since it is nui based.

I have checked it. And i have removed the iframe. User can do nothing. All keys are blocked as long they have not answerd the questions… .

Does this work with a loading screen? Like would this show before ?

Yes it works. The mod will loaded after the loading screen is disappeared…

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Fix tebex store link.

Amazing work! Works perfectly fine!

Version 1.1.1 has been released

Version 1.2.0


  • use now also licence id if steam id is not available


  • fix user migration, has used a static defined database before

can u change the background

Yes, the design can completely customised. It is html and css.