[PAID] iBurgershot - Complete Burgershot Job - RageUI V2


  • Crafts system
  • FoodTruck system with crafts
  • Enterprise Management Included
  • Company stock
  • Shop for the company
  • Full Configurable & Easy to use

Used language: Lua
Translations: French
Dependancies: ESX Framework, esx_basicneeds, esx_skin, esx_addonaccount, esx_addoninventory

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1000
Requirements Yes
Support Yes

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So your not going to take the time to translate it

What is RageUI v2?

No, unless there is a remediation

This lib menu used for this script

Do you have a download link? I only know the “normal” RageUI

this is the one

ah okay, I was confused cuz v2

30€ for this ? Sorry not worth it.