[PAID] Highly customisable Car HUD by Codesign

Amazing hud bro but here’s a thing my friend bought this hud and i asked him to give it to me to cuz i can’t buy it i dont have money but then why make it ip hud why cant friends share this hud with each other that super greddy man so unfair

@Luffyshk People like you are the exact reason why sellers NEED to protect their resources through obfuscation and ip locking. And to those who hate sellers protecting their code, heres your answer as to why its necessary in some form or another.

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first of all i got it that they have to protect their stuff cuz they made it with efford second you really made me mad by fucking putting who ever that guy is and telling me its me asking go do some research before you say something having same name doesnt make it same person you brain dead get some help

and i was already planning to buy it so dont teach me what is right and what is not

Tbh you are right, maybe i should not have assumed it was you in that leaking discord asking for leaked versions of codesign scripts, but something tells me i wasn’t wrong :man_shrugging:

please links for download

Check your DMs :smile:

i can test this?

Hello I bought this script from your website but the download link redirects me to a discord channel with an expired link and the discord on your website does not work either. How can I obtain this script now??

@Changzu Hey i sent you a dm :slight_smile:

Could you send it to me also pls?

Sent a DM, we can continue there

Really Really recommendable i bought this script 1 month ago and i didn’t have any problem, it’s very optimized and very comfortable!!

10/10 @Codesign


great and incredible are not words that describe the script, very great script guys


Wow, this is an incredible script ! My players likes it and me too ! I really recommend the CodeSign dev team !


My god this is fire the optimization and being able to customize it to your liking is just amazing!


nice script, the best carhud


Does it come with that compass at the bottom of this photo or is that another script? If its another script can you point me to where this is?

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Hey, it comes with the compass built-in

can someone send me the dowload link for this script because i might be blind xD