[PAID] FX_Lootboxes // Open cases like in CS:GO!

Me too, it’s a scam

Can someone help me with refund? He send me full useless script, not working…

Unfortunately IDK… I’ll wait two days…

i ask refound tbex

Tebex or Paypal?

You havent sent me single PM, there is more then 20 customers, that dont have any problem.

If you have problem, simply send me private message.

its ok for me, thanks for answer

I wrote a problem, even sent a PM, until today I haven’t received an answer

Hey, what about a vrp or standalone version of it?

Hey guys i cant really help you, when you refunded.

Well it should work with any framework, but you need to adapt items, weapons, car giving to player.

I should send them a peer message from my dealership script that I did and haven’t received an answer for days. But I will slowly go into the refund if the error with the car is not fixed …

Can you please reply to me? I want my money back or fully functional script…
I wrote you PM and you didn’t respond to me for like 3 days.
I PAID 20$ for it!

Well, im not helping scammers, you chargebacked few days ago, and after chargeback you wanted my help?

Script is now open source, not obfuscated at all, link was updated for new payents.

If you want this version, send me PM

I closed this case like 7 days ago. So there is no refund already. So can you help me or send me new link for it? I paid 20€ for it and this is no longer functional script.

Im not going to reply anyone, who scam.
You chargebacked, and after that you asked for help.

salut je rencontre un souci avec les véhicules cela ne ce give pas ( je n’est rien dans le garage )

Changed price, so you can pay how much you want!


There is 25% sale currently! - https://scottyfx.tebex.io/category/1779904