[PAID] FNX-IDCARD individual documents system, fake documents

Perfect work, what i were looking for!

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Perfect. <3

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I love the animation on documents, it seems very cool. Well done !


it’s possible to add more licenses ourselves such as hunting? pilots etc?

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thanks! we will do bettere in the next update, with a big surprise!

ye, within a menu like the relese weapon license menu

does it work with QB-Core aswell?

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atm no, we will release the qbcore version in the next days

okay i’ll get it once that’s done

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we will do a new post soon, dont miss any news, follow us (: <3

is it possible to add more license option in id card?? like heli boat etc

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ye we’re adding it be default

any update on when qbcore might be coming?

qb core version is ready, we are optimizing compatibility, since there are at least 4 different versions of qbcore around, soon we will do the official release with the video preview