[Paid] Event System


Admin Commands:
/startevent (Starts Event)
/stopevent (Ends The Event)
/resetevent (If You Want Quickly Change Event Coords Or Bugged Restarts POS And Restart Event)

User Commands :
/tpevent (teleports the user to event)

Preview β†’ here[YOUTUBE]

You can get the script via Tebex

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 80
Requirements None
Support No

so its a script, where you can set teleport coords with /startevent and delete it with /stopevent?

yea and user who write /tpevent teleport him to the coords

Price Droped to 0.50 cents too

Things like these should not be paid and encrypted since its very basic. And requires max 5 min for recreation

Ok no problem re create then

why would you even sell this script dude

it can be written in idk maybe 10 minutes ?

and the fact that code is not available and you dont even support it is hilarious

really hope for mods to check release section more…

TX admin has this built in for free :smiley:

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