[Paid][ESX] VNT-Scripts PlayerClass

The character class is nothing more than a perfect script that will be useful on any major server that wants to give its players something more than the common standards. Thanks to this script, it will be possible to direct the player and his development path so that he will never be bored!

  • 5 different character class (Gangster, Businessman, State-Employee, Civilian, Homeless)
  • Config different starting item each all class
  • Config starting item
  • Config random spawn point for all class
  • Useful export to use player class with other script and give acces to different options and actions

In the future
  • Respect / Experience system
  • Quest System


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200+
Requirements esx
Support Yes

First 5 buyers get 10% discount to our other script

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Good job!

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nice UI and awsome feature :+1:

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Cool idea btw!

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