๐Ÿšš [PAID][ESX] Trucker work system - Different loads | Delivery | Delivery on your own/company's truck | Cargo | UI

I welcome you CFX community!

Today I present you the ESX system for working as a trucker, thanks to which you can diversify the gameplay on your server! Iโ€™m sure you and your players will love it!

This system includes a nice user interface that displays the name of the route, the type of cargo, and the cost of delivery. You can choose three routes to choose from or click on the โ€œrandom routeโ€ button, which will choose a route for you from your configuration file. If you donโ€™t like any of the routes and you donโ€™t want to choose a random one, just open the menu again and you will see other random routes. (You can add an infinite number of routes to the configuration file).
Each load is a small test. You must carefully deliver the cargo to the place of delivery, if you damage the cargo on the way, then in the end you will receive less money. It all depends on your driving level and the people on the road :smile:.

Credit: Do$ ๐Ÿงก

Demonstration of the system:


Note: This trucker work system is not encrypted in any way, which will give you the opportunity to edit it at your request!

Optimization (The script consumes):

0.00 ms in a quiet state.

0.00 ms in an active state.

What features does the trucker work system include:

  • This system works on all versions of ESX!

  • A handy configuration file so you can translate into your own language!

  • You can configure the number of routes and the chance of them falling out!

  • You can customize the transport, cargo, as well as the cost of delivery!

  • Ability to carry loads on your own truck!

  • Optionally, you can set a profession for this job so that only people with rights can carry cargo, or disable it so that everyone can carry cargo!

  • If someone took a route, then another person will not be able to take the same one, the same applies to recharge routes so that they do not repeat. The recharge time, you can configure in the configuration file!

  • The ability to set up a penalty for damage to cargo and car!

  • There are 9 routes preset, but you can add more if you wish!

  • Nice native text that you can change!

  • You can completely change the user interface at will!

  • Of course support, Iโ€™m ready to help you edit this trucker work system!

(US$40.00 - includes tax) - Open version
You can get that resource in my Tebex.

(US$24.97 - includes tax) - Encrypted version
You can get that resource in my Tebex.

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Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~1200
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video ?

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Hi, I edited the topic, thanks for the notification! :wink:

Option to use own Trucks? that would be sick as a lot of people on RP server like to own there own trucks for a trucking job?

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Oh, I didnโ€™t think about it. I will think to add this feature in the next update. Thank you for the idea!

Update 1.2.0 of all versions

  • Added the ability to carry loads on your own truck.
    You will receive a reward immediately after the delivery of the cargo. To enable this feature and disable the previous principle, you need to set True in the configuration file.

Thanks for the idea @irate

Contact me if you have any questions.

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nice script but the ui is stolen :laughing:


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The permission from the author of the UI and the cerdits for it are at the top. :cowboy_hat_face:

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This system looks amazing :fire: Kudos !

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I bought this script and itโ€™s cool ! Fast support on all issues, and excellent functionality :exploding_head:

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Thanks for the review <3

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this is not true. i know the author and this is shadow rp :wink:


Mark the topic if you think itโ€™s relevant :slight_smile:

Nice Job

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Hello, I would like to know, if itโ€™s a job or we only have access if we have the job, or everyone can do it even without a job? Can we do it with several people? For example: A player starts a delivery, another player, can throw too?

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Can I load my own items?

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Job is a configurable parameter in the configuration file. If you want, you can turn on the requirement of a certain job to start, or you can turn it off and everyone can work on the track. Yes, people can start work at the same time, with the only difference, they will not be able to take the same routes. :articulated_lorry:

Yes you can :truck:

Can I put my belongings in the carโ€™s inventory and then deliver the mission?

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Yes, you have two types of deliveries, on your own track and the server track (which will spawn the resource).All this can be configured in the configuration file.