[PAID] [ESX] SUGOFX - Particles System for Fantasy Roleplay


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WWhtrWCV3M | Watch SUGOFX - PREVIEW | Streamable

BUY HERE : https://sugodev.tebex.io/package/6268368

Included in the package are many updates and additions for the future. I am available for any fix and installation support!

Documentation for SFX Script Usage

This script is a particle effect synchronization system for FiveM, allowing players to trigger various synchronized visual effects visible to all players within a 50-meter radius of the player who triggered them (to avoid crashes). Effects can be triggered through specific commands and synchronized through server/client-side events.


  1. Make sure you have correctly installed the resource in your FiveM resource directory.
  2. Add start SFX to your server.cfg to automatically start the resource when the server boots up.

Using the Exports

You can use the exports provided by SFX to trigger particle effects from any other client-side or server-side script.

Available Exports

- SFX:StartSpirale(core, dict, time, size): Starts a spiral effect.
- SFX:StartBerserk(core, dict, time, size): Starts a berserk effect.
- SFX:StartPoss(core, dict, time, size): Starts a Poss effect.
- SFX:StartCuore(core, dict, time, size): Starts a Heart effect.
- SFX:StartCerchio(core, dict, time, size): Starts a circle effect.
- SFX:StartCerchio2(core, dict, time, size): Starts another type of circle effect.

Example Usage in Lua

local SFX = exports['sfx']

-- Start a spiral effect
SFX:StartSpirale('core', 'smoke_grenade', 5000, 0.3)

-- Start a berserk effect
SFX:StartBerserk('core', 'exp_grd_grenade_flash', 15000, 2.6)

-- Stop the berserk effect

-- Start a circle effect
SFX:StartCerchio('core', 'explosion_car', 5000, 0.3)

-- Start another type of circle effect
SFX:StartCerchio2('core', 'explosion_car', 5000, 0.3)

Using Chat Commands

You can also use chat commands to trigger particle effects directly in the game.

Available Commands

  • /spirale: Starts a spiral effect.
  • /cerchio: Starts a circle effect.
  • /cerchio2: Starts another type of circle effect.
  • /poss: Starts a Poss effect.
  • /berserk: Starts a berserk effect.
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HI! the preview will arrive soon, thank you!

Watch SUGOFX - PREVIEW | Streamable Here it is!

Nice, should be cool to add Effects like Auras, not only casting ones, i was working on Powers with gta default particles for my survival server, but this is another level if you add effects that looks like auras in the character i will buy for sure

thanks! I’m already working on the new upgrades, every update until I leave V2 is included in the package. Any questions, write to me!

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Wow cool idea )

Aura will be ready like this weekend

QB version please?

i will work on it :slight_smile:

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Are the commands locked to admins or anything like that? so it can’t be used by every player? I would get this if that was a feature, some sort of permissions option.

yeah, its locked to admins (check sugopermcheck on config)

Okay cool, I will get it eventually maybe when there is a sale or something haha the conversion for me in CAD is a bit for that honestly but it is really awesome so nice work.

sale start today!

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Awesome I just picked it up! thank you I am excited to try it out