[PAID] [ESX] [STANDALONE] Incapacitated (Recovery)


Incapacitated (Recovery) is a highly configurable recovery resource for FiveM. It helps creating more immersive ambulance roleplay experience since players get in a state of incapacity after they have respawned, which makes them unable to combat. The player himself is also put in an injured state where an hurt animation is played while he is recovering. This feature can be disabled though. While in this state of incapacity the players screen displays an timer which tells him how long his recovery will last.

Features, which this resource provides:

  1. Custom Timer HUD
  2. Configurable Recovery Duration
  3. Formattable HUD Text
  4. Axis Adjustments
  5. Removal Command (/capacitate )
  6. Hurt Animation
  7. Light on Client Performance

Formattable HUD Text Example:



Resmon Performance


Dependencies? What do you need to run this resource?

  • FX Server 5181
  • Baseevents (put ‘ensure baseevents’ in your server.cfg)

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So what happens if someone kills player who are incapacitated?

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The timer continues to count down just like before. No time reset. I chose it to behave this way to prevent rude behaviour (e.g. constantly killing a player).

UPDATE: Added config option to customize which controls should be disabled when in an incapacitated state.

UPDATE: Several bugfixes and code cleanup


  • Full standalone support. No Framework required anymore.
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Code Refactoring

is there a way to deactivate incapacity in the FFA?