[Paid] [ESX] [QBCore] [VRP] Wizating Handling Laptop + Dyno V2

you can set the location of the dyno in the config also to help find it you can turn on the dev marker in the config

It doesNOT save the tuningdata to the vehicle.
its all temporary, just the Profiles are saved, an this is very buggy, too. its impossible to save a profile. it tells me, a profile is already existent. so it can NOT overwrite a profile. u have on every save to write a new profile.
plus it does NOT import a profile, this wont work at all.

just the tuning part works. but no profiling, no save to vehicles, no reload from saved vehicles and no reload from profiles.

even all parts are stored in database, it just doesnt load thing back.

well if you have it set up correctly it would work like it is working for the other 50+ customers that have purchased it. now once again if you want to join the discord i can assist you further . the script when running correctly will load the last tune saved set on that car. if you store get it out how ever you find it . when you in sit in the vehicle it will have its previous tune. now this script is used by some of the biggest fivem car servers with no issues. so once again please refrain from making false statements on our sales post. if you really want help to make it work there is our discord on our tebex you may join open a ticket provide us with the issues and we can help you fix it… messaging tebex for support will not get your support they do not provide support for our scripts we do. if your not going to give us a chance to help there is not much we can do. if you was to join the discord and ask in general chat there is plenty customers that will tell you its working 100% with no faults or bugs. you have provided no information but tell us you have it set up correctly. we have had multiple customers do the same thing for them to open a ticket and us figure it out they missed a simple step that stopped it from working. We have a ticket system because you could find the problem in 1 message or 20 and there is no need for our sales post to be filled stuff that should be dealt with in support tickets.

I have all set correctly. its very simple.
It saves the profile in its own database table, and it saves the profiles from car with plates an tuned parameters in its own table.
but it doesnt load correct data from table if the car is spawned from garage.

For this high price I can probably expect it to work as advertised.
further, there wasnt any link, to get help.

In the tebex mails is always an email for support, but nobody cares, so i doesnt have any chance to get support, just write here. and even then its not ever garanteed, that someone answers for help.

i got very bad experiences about support.

i have the table and the column configured.
its not the first plugin i have installed.

well i accidently edited my last post but the reply is above :smiley: ^^

I would appreciate it very much if I could get support, it was just too expensive not to be able to use it.

Since for various reasons I refrain from using Discord, neither now nor in the future, I would prefer to solve the problem via email, since it is also much easier that way.

i have messaed you on here , awaiting a response , also if you could attach your config with it. thankyou