[Paid] [ESX] [QBCore] [VRP] Wizating Handling Laptop + Dyno V2

we do not have the issue on our end have your tried with vmenu off to see if something else is conflicting with it ?

we have updated the laptop to now include… fAntiRollBarForce fAntiRollBarBiasFront fRollCentreHeightFront fRollCentreHeightRear fSteeringLock anybody that has purchased with the new encryption service will be able to go to their keymaster and download a copy of the update

hi i got problem when i tuned a car the car is not saving and it cannot be moved? any way to fix this? for example the tires went mising

have you read the readme and are sure you are using it correctly??

Alright, So i tried it with vMenu, Handling-editor, and RealisticVehicleFailure - all turned off - and it still doesn’t actually take the tune.

after using the dyno it shows the updated values in the laptop but the vehicle doesn’t actually preform as such.

Script has been updated if you could redownload it you will find it all working with some more features added!

This update is fantastic!

We still have more testing for some of the additional features - BUT, my issue mentioned above is fixed! Tunes are now applied without needing to update anything in vMenu or repairing the car!

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tunes saving to the Liscene plate, would be awesome!

Another update has been posted tonight.

Wizating Laptop Version 2.1

Fully rewrote all backend of script
Massively optimised the script to the point it operates at 0.00ms on my pc when in use tuning vehicles from the previous 0.08
Added Two new suspension settings
Added ability to lock the laptop to said job(ESX ONLY)
Now syncs your tune for everybody to use once any tune or preset is applied it will now save as the current tune. anybody gets in the vehicle they will use that tune.
this will now work when garaging your vehicles also.
the script checks for the plate and vehicle model in the database , if there is a current tune it will apply for anybody driving the car.

Be sure to add the new sql or the script will not work correctly!

go to your assets and redownload the script!

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new video and description for the v2 update

Wizating Laptop Update V2.2

  • Added option to turn dyno off or on

  • Now able to lock the laptop to be used only in specific location/locations
    If you have a racetrack or just only want the tunes to be active in specific location.
    there is now options in the config to make this possible!.

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Cant wait to test!

New update , Now supports QB Framework

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yours is way too expensive can you make an offer? on esx

This looks so cooool bro

Brought the trailer script from these guys looked for help and assitance was spoken to very rude then got banned from there discord group wouldnt bother

hi where i can found the dyno? the laptop works for me

You set it in the config.

Can you explain how? Is there any video to explain about dyno