[PAID][ESX/QBCore] Solar Admin Panel

Introducing our beloved Admin panel

First developed as a replacement for the then already aging es_admin script, it has become much more over the last 2 years with a ton of new features and recently a lot of improvements under the hood.
Now with the recent big 2.5.0 update we decided to finally post it here.

Store page: Tebex
Daily support available.

Here some features:

  • Features a completely custom UI using our in-house Lunar UI
  • All common admin functions and more
  • Custom Ban system with quick access button for permabans
  • Full GUI item and weapon list for easy spawning
  • Spawn vehicles from pre-configured config
  • Easy user management with promote/demote function using ESX’s group system
  • Customizable perms for each rank in the config
  • Full Discord logging
  • Weather and time control
  • Inspect inventory and garages
  • Easy role and job management
  • Custom Trigger support in config
  • Reports and warning system
  • Easy to install
  • and much more

Recently added:
Personal garage manager

ESX Legacy (1.2+) or QBCore
ESX and QBCore basic scripts supported for certain actions (e.g. revives and garage)
Ox_inventory (optional but prefered)
Ox_mysql or mysql-async


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ESX Legacy, QBCore
Support Yes
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Looks sooooo interesting, but I miss a lot more pictures or a small video

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Added a couple more screenshots.

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Can we get a video preview pls? Bcs its look interesting but not convinced. Thank you

How much is the open source version

We do not offer an open source version but we try to accomdate most server owners with customizations including custom triggers.

I’ve heard that before lol. I have wasted 500$ on creators like this who promise to help and then hide behind tebex when customers demand support.

I would suggest don’t buy escrow products if you know you want to edit the script and not be a copy paste dev like 90% of fivem devs

It sucks that you had bad expierences with developers in the past but you are very much generalizing here, the escrow is to protect our work from exactly the copy pasting and reselling stuff of a lower quality version you mention and most established developers do exactly the same thing.

We have been selling this script for roughly 2 years now and there hasn’t been an issue we couldn’t fix so far and we added a few suggestions made by our customers to the script as well.

Video of this? Also is there a way to be able to add in stashes for gangs or player owned business?

We might be able to add stashes and more in the future for sure