[PAID] [ESX] [QBCore] Rury PizzaJob 🍕

Pizza job - includes cooking and delivery service

Optimization 0.01ms if you not in markers area

Script is fully tested on a working server, all found errors and vulnerabilities have been fixed

I use MLO - K4MB1 Downtown Italian Pizza Restaurant

You can move all markers to the places you want in config

In the config you can change the coordinates of markers, settings of blips on the map, delivery points, notification script (pNotify, MythicNotify), salaries of carriers and cooks, complexity of cooking, translation of notifications

If you use rury_banking, you can enable it in the config and employee payments will come to salary cards from rury_banking

If you want to make Pizza Job only for workers, you can enable and specify your job in the config

little bit config


  • Not obfuscated
  • Not IP locked
  • Not Escrow
  • Fully customized
  • Source code

Preview: YouTube
Buy here: Tebex

24-11-2021: Added version for QBCore


Added version for QBCore

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wow, Nice Map bro !

Sorry, but this is not my map, I have developed only a job, and link to map (MLO) is in description

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  • Added support for old QBCore

Amazing script! we use this on our server!
A++++ support also! would recommend!

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