[PAID][ESX][QBCORE]Pets+ With Police K9 Included

I do offer support via disc ord , my invite link is on the tebex page.

The install is very simple as well, you install the required resources, and then install the SQL, and you’re set, the rest is just drag/drop.

Sent them to ya in a DM

hello there i keep getting this error when i rename my pet is ther a fix for it https://i.imgur.com/FddJBBp.png

That’s weird, never seen this before when renaming pets. I’ll look into it

Do owned animals attack players as well (intentionally or not) or just NPCs? I remember older scripts being almost unusable because of this.

And I presume you’re still not encrypting your resources, correct?

Owned animals will not, unless it’s a Police K9 in which it will attack on command. No, still not encrypting

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Ok, good to know. We’ll most likely buy it soon then.

I probably could have phrased it better. My question was, if the K9 can attack both NPCs and players alike?

Yes, the K9 can attack players and npcs

why is this tagged esx and qbcore but only advertised as esx once you click the link? is there a qb version bc i dont wanna spend the cash on an unusable script.

if it works post updated scripts since they are being sold. instead of selling outdated stuff that people have to fix. no one wants to buy a script THEY HAVE TO FIX.

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bought the script anyways. nh-keyboard does not work with this script. it errors out

Try this version, I’ll DM it to you

Ayoo, does this script include the ability for K9’s to search/sniff out other players yet? Great looking script though!

Yeah it’s been added since a long time ago :+1:

this 100 percent works with qbcore?

I’ve installed the required resources and your script and it isn’t working. I press “e” and nothing happens, no error codes either.