[PAID][ESX/QBCore] ASD.ASD Traffipax System


- Compatibility with ESX/QBCore
- Traffipax with special placement system 
- Possibility to bind to a faction 
- Adjustable speed: KM / H or MPH 
- Traffipax is available as an item for players 
- It has a nice and clean NUI interface for easier handling 
- Fully optimized, default consumption: 0.00ms

Click here to preview if the video not working

Buy: [tebex] (10 DOLLAR + tax)

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements ESX/QBCore
Support Yes

Very Good Script! +Respect

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Very good +++

Please add the paid releases template to your topic you removed during topic creation

Hi, where can i find the paid releases template?

See the rules topic, or compose a new topic in releases and copy it

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I added to the topic, thanks for the help

amazing, i love it :boom:

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add biling

ASD.ASD Traffipax | Update
QBCore compatibility is added
You can change to QBCore/ESX in settings.lua

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Nice of you to include a stolen Nopixel asset in your showcase.

Great script. But I think that the design should be changed and it will be even cooler!

The open source version is now available.
Click here

Can props be changed?

It’s not possible at the moment, but if you buy it and ask for it, I’ll include it