[PAID][ESX | QBCore | ANY] VX-Farming

Planned features

  • Job restriction for each plant type
  • Allow plant anywhere (in bucket) without checking soil quality
  • Different items on each plant (with chance pool)
  • Add Polyzones for performance

I use Chinese, and the text of the menu is not displayed

Use custom font that supports chinese.

Warmenu and font streaming is not obfuscated, so you can edit whatever you want.

How to use the game’s own font id?

I need help

It’s okay, i solved it

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Great script. My City loves it. We can’t wait to expand on it!

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I hope you can come up with a farmed animal system

Great idea! Maybe in some future release!

For better props I suggest using this free props from my friend @BzZzi

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is there no way to destroy the plant ?
If a gang see a dope plant can there destroy it?

Everyone can harvest/destroy plants regardless of who planted it

can it use for Esx1.1 / esx_inventoryhud / es_exended?

Yes you can use any framework