[PAID][ESX/QB] WQ-JewelRobbery

Hello everyone, I present to you a new Vangellico Robbery script made by my partner.


  • ESX/QB Support.
  • Easy Configurable.
  • Low resmon value.
  • You can easily organize the prizes in the showcases
  • You can change the waiting/cooldown time as server and/or client.(Editable)
  • Server Sync
  • You can shape it according to your wishes.
  • This fully optimized, open to development and affordable product is waiting for you.
  • Different rewards and amounts in each weapon group
  • Each showcase has its own reset.



Purchase Price : 13.50 € + Tax(Some regions)

Check out our other scripts here:


nice! sorta different than the free versions!

id recommend to keep up the resmon entire time tho to show max instead of just idles


In the free version, modders can easily cheat . How is it with your script, do you have several queries to prevent the modders from doing it?

Written by considering the vulnerabilities while preparing the product.For this reason, we think that cheating is out of the question at the moment.

OP request