[PAID][ESX/QB] vms_flyingschool

Tebex: vms* store


  • In the config, you can do so that another license is required, e.g. a psychological test.
  • Full configuration of questions, answers and photos in the file vms_flyingschool/html/questions.js.
  • Full possibility to change the style and colors.
  • Full possibility of configuring your own route to travel.
  • Default plane route consists of 74 checkpoints.
  • Default helicopter route consists of 38 checkpoints.
  • The ability to change blips, markers, max errors, plane model, heli model and all translations.
  • ServerEvents possible to change in the file vms_flyingschool/server/server_triggers.lua.
  • SQL file for esx_license include.


  • ESX
  • esx_license

Configurable files:

  • config.lua
  • server_triggers.lua
  • js/html/css
  • locales

[SHOWCASE] Theoretical Exam
[SHOWCASE] Practical exam for the plane
[SHOWCASE] Practical exam helicopter

If we are further than 50m resmon indicates 0.00ms, if we are closer it is only 0.02ms because it has to render the marker.


Code accessible No
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) c:337 s:38
Requirements es_extended, esx_license
Support Yes

nice work bro

Perfect job

Would love to see a QBCore version of this

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Any chance of a QB version?

sure, today or tomorrow all driving / flying / boating schools will be updated to QB-Core as well

this looks fantastic!

Ill be picking this up today regardless, but is there a way that instead of esx_lisence - that after a successful exam, it gives an item?

Our licenses are actual inventory items. :o

Any updates on the QB version?

UPDATED: Now it is compatible with QB-Core. :writing_hand:

need answer for this Flying School