[PAID] [ESX] [QB] Property Tax

Property Tax is a highly configurable taxing resource for your fivem roleplay server. It offers the ability for server owners to automatically taxate every player according to their profession and defined tax class. This helps a lot in maintaining a healthy economy on your server and prevents super rich players from inflating valueble items/possessions. It also creates a more immersive atmosphere to roleplay economics since players passively fund the governments account by paying taxes. This can be disabled though.

Features, which this resource provides:

  • Customizable Taxation Interval
  • Minimum Property Threshold
  • Full Government/State Society Account Support
  • Taxation Classes (dependent on jobs)
  • Support for any Currency (QB)
  • Easy on Performance

Runtime Performance:

Server β†’ 0.00-0.03ms

Client β†’ None (Everything is handled server side)


exports['propertytax']:taxPlayerESX(xPlayer, taxationRate)
exports['propertytax']:taxPlayerQB(player, taxationRate)

Dependencies? What do you need to run this resource?

  • FX Server 5181
  • ESX or QBCore
  • ESX Addon Account (only ESX)

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~140
Requirements Listed above
Support Yes

first at all nice release but why free one became paid one

here you can find the same one you added only proffesion that is very difficult to controll on a server
es: if farmer job tax is 5% and miner job is 1% all players will take miner job.

should make it take into account amount of vehicles owned too

UPDATE 1.0.1

What did change?

β†’ Added support for QBCore Framework and according config options
β†’ Added specified framework exports
β†’ Refactored code and made minor optimizations


do yall have a discord i have a few questions

No, but feel free to send me a DM with your questions and I will do my best to answer them :slight_smile: