[PAID][ESX][QB] New World Fishing System


  • Fishing skill to improve from 0-100
  • Configurable baits for salt / normal water
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I will double check this tonight

And i will add this

Hi, realy cool script and fun.
i just suprise that we can still fishing even when we haven’t place in inventory. It will be great to have weight limit. Something like :
if xPlayer.canCarryItem(itemName, howmany) then

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Any new about the fixing of the qt ? We’re on ESX.
The qtarget ain’t working, and can’t translate the text we’re not using qtarget.
The problem with the qtarget only appears if you move the NPC, so i think there must be a Polyzone that doesn’t move with the pedloc config changes! If i put it back to its original place, the qtarget appears.

ill fix this rn

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Thank you! The script is amazing!

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the script is updated with what you were talking about, just redownload from the keymaster

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I found another bug. The Legal and the illegal fish both gives black money. Even if the legal parameter is true, and sometimes the peds wont appear and need to restart the script.

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Hi, any news about weight limit ?
You can add something in config.lua to use or not weight limit and in your code have :
if xPlayer.canCarryItem(itemName, howmany) then
and a message if you are overloaded.
Very simple and more RP.

You also have a missing “,” in the config.lua in line 29

I updated the missing comma today(oops) and i will have the weight limit done very soon. Have just been busy sorry

Thanks, no problem :wink: