[PAID] [ESX/QB] New Pimp Script πŸ’Š

not there

check now

I am dying to find a server with this ngl :sob:

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I bought the script and it doesn’t work, when I asked for help in the ticket, it closed the ticket for me and blocked all discord access so I couldn’t write

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Script updated
Follow fixed.
Rent fixed.

update released!

Do they reduce stress when you use them?

how do i join ur server and discord

I opened a ticket in discord trying to get help and got blocked for no reason. Can someone help me ?

You charged back then made a new account thinking it’s going to work to get help? Really?

A new account? What does that mean? I only opened 1 ticket and asked for help because I couldnt access the menu to buy. I could send you my transcript info if you need to review it?

Has this been added as of yet?

Could someone tell me how they got the menu for the pimp script to work properly? Does not show at the strip club after installation?