[PAID][ESX/QB] New Female Beauty Salon Script | Nail Script/Hair Salon Script💊

im in the discord i dont see the ticket i made

over 50 tickets open so we cant open any

try now it should let you

made with the owner

can someone help me i brought this script and i have error

script:salon] SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:90: @salon/framework/server.lua:1: syntax error near ‘<\1>’
[ script:salon] > require (@ox_lib/imports/require/server.lua:155)

oxlib required

I already have ox lib installed

the starting order is incorrect make sure ox lib starts first also if any extra help join the discord & make a ticket so we can continue please :slight_smile:

I have Just Tried This Method Same Thing Happening

Broken script with many bugs, report to tebex.

Make a ticket in discord so I can further assist you please

Reporting you cuz you’re not even a customer and apparently you can’t read cuz I said if any issues support is available

I’m a dev on a server that has your salon script, it doesn’t work correctly with ox inventory + the nails applying is broken too and the owner made a ticket three weeks ago but nothing has been fixed.

If you’re a dev why can’t you get the starting order of the script right? Don’t come on my post commenting thing when I specifically gave instructions to follow if you are incapable of replying to the ticket then you will be on your own and if you do want a refund SEND THE TEBEX ID IN THE TICKET

I still cant get the script to work i have messaged you on discord sevral times you dont reply to me either

Is this script worth checking out? Or is it a waste of time looking for a good nail/hair script for females in city.

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As someone who’s always on the lookout for cool nail designs and hair trends, I’m super intrigued to see what your script has to offer.

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of course it is :wink: plus i have a new massive update coming

:slight_smile: then you’ll indeed love the new update coming soon <3

has the update came out yet? looking for a good nail/hair script for my city.