Hey there, sure we will update that. :+1:

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I respect the dev for keeping the communication up, just that makes me want to buy this. Any new maps planned? Maybe some bigger ones

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Hey there Kodane, tnhks for your comment xD

We already implemented the polyzones with some validations so you can create realy easy maps all over the city, we will be releasing that really soon.

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really nice UI :fire:

Tnhks Ashen :+1: :+1:

There is an option for 2 teams to be in the same time on the same map ?
If there is no option its giving an alert ?

Hey there, we are updating it to support multilobby games, atm it alerts that is a game already running so players must wait till the game ends to start a new lobby

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Hey Guys, new release v 1.0.4 for ESX and QB-CORE, you can download from your acc

  • Fix people not spawning back after game ended
  • Added polyzones to the 3 maps
  • Added command /leavepaintball (can be changed) so people can leave the game if they are stuck after a disconnect or crash
  • Added timer to start a game in lobby phase.
  • Added reward function after game ended in shared-server.lua
  • Added option to customize esx / qbcore triggers

when you adding player can select the rounds

Hey there Ozzi, we are adding new features during this week, so we are planning to push it on the next week :+1:

does your paintball have option to select weapons or you have plan to add or a custom round ?

Hey Ozzi, at the moment it only support the gun we provide. We are working on some new features :+1:

when will the new features be active?