[PAID][ESX/QB] Base Building System (Rust and Ark inspired)

This is a Base building System for Fivem Inspired by games like Rust, Unturned, Ark …

  • This system is almost 50% open source, everything that you might want to change can be changed, if you know about VRP and VRPEX and you want this script we can work together on the conversion to those Frameworks.

With this script you can build your base by yourself or with friends.


  • Base building with direct connection and positioning

  • 26 custom Props (for the base building)

  • Base Upgrades (wood to metal)

  • Optional Code lock for Doors, gates and windows ( if you build it you and your friends can always use it no need code lock )

  • Raid system to raid bases (you can choose an explosive item to raid other players Bases)

  • Friends System so you can build with a friend and access all his stuff

  • Health decay system and base repair system

  • Functional Generators and Lights ( even in blackout mode ) you can make other props electricity dependent.

  • Crafting Tables, furniture (sofa, bed, campfire…) all of them can have functions choosen by you

  • Big walls and gates ( to build villages)

  • You can add all props you want and give them functions

  • Claim Zones

  • Storages system with storage Raid


  • Very well optimized




  • I will help on with conversions and updates needed by the community

BUY HERE https://hrs-scripts.tebex.io/package/5297880

Code is accessible (partialy)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 5000
Requirements ESX or QB
Support Yes

bro this is absolutely nuts…

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You like it?

for me one of best product! i dont own a server for this kind of project… but is awesome ! nice job

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thanks man, thanks a lot for the support was months of work :smiley:

Do you have plans for more props? Would be interesting to see if players could construct their own houses that look more like real houses instead of shelters. Like maybe a dry wall upgrade, shingles for the roof, maybe some windows. Maybe even a solar panel upgrade that can replace the generator

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the script will be updated with more features in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

What beautiful script bro good job

Man! I wish I have a use for this resource. But I don’t… our server is different.

But goddamn, one of the best resources I have seen in a long time.
Amazing work bro!!
All the very best :+1:t3:

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thanks man :smiley:

thanks man :smiley:, yes it is not for the majority of the servers, this is more like a script for a survival server.

Very good work, a great resource

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Feel the exact same was as PMZGamerYt! This is awesome, has me wanting to start a second server :joy:


This is quite amazing.

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Dope release! Adds a totally new level of depth :heart:

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Very interesting ideia :slight_smile:

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