[PAID] [ESX] License System

It’s made with a license control system and a nice ui that I use on my own server. It is easy to use and eats 0.01 ms.


  • 0.00 - 0.01 Resmon



does this give cops the ability to revoke licenses?

yeah, cops can revoke or issue licenses or check licenses.

Are there any other requirements than esx and mysql?

nope, esx and mysql…

Okay, you have made a clean and cool UI too. Good job!

I like this,very nice. I still would like to have the players take a drivers test however. Is this possible?

This is possible.

Just purchased, however download link is dead, i have sent you an email, please resolve !

Thankyou for the quick response :slight_smile: , All good !


This script has potential and I like the UI, however if this did tests (written and physical tests) along with the licenses then it would be worth the price, but 15 Euros just to buy a license is not worth it, sorry, no offense.


Licenses are running full and ui has been done, cops can get licenses, issue them. Someone else can look at licenses, etc… I think the price is reasonable, but suit yourself.

Definitely agree with you

does this work on 1.2 or only final

  • Why does this script create a whole new table in the database for character license instead of just inserting the license into the user_license table since almost every esx script uses that to pull licenses?

  • why does your sql create a whole new database?

  • Where do you go to buy the license since you have it located in custom map?

  • what is this export??

        exports['shx-interact']:AddTargetModel(sekretarhaknn, {
            options = {
                event = "shx-lisans:actim",
                icon = "fas fa-digital-tachograph",
                label = "Lisans Satın Al",
                job = {"all"},

usually this is an export from bt-target but it seems like bt-target got renamed there.

usually pretty weird to release something and have exports from other stuff in there that isnt listed as required or optional :thinking:

Exactly I cant even use this script currently. And the location he has it set to is a private map. Also the SQL he provided creates a new database and already has ACTUAL people character registered in it which makes me wonder if this is leaked tbh.