[PAID] [ESX] J-Doorlock | Advanced doorlock creator

What is this ?

It’s a advanced doorlock creator script that allows you to create doors to all objects, includes gabz mlos

You can full Config the scripts. I will bring soon a big update

With /doors:make you can create a door, with /doors:remove you can remove a door

QBCore version soon!

Ready to download ? (15$ + VAT)



This is the only right link, do not buy by any other people there are just scamming.

Do you find an error?
Please let me know. I will fix as soon as possible, i really appreciate feedback.


J-Development (https://jdevelopment-store.tebex.io)

My other works:

I really appreciate if you can check my other works to :slight_smile:

Code is accessible No (Secured with fivem escrow)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500- 2000
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

do you have any preview?

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At the moment no, but i will make a preview asap

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I will make a preview soon…

why is it in “beta”

because it have many bugs.

any preview yet? - maybe just a few screenshots?